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Women's colored panel Lace Hat with 4 inch brim
Women's colored panel Lace Hat with 4 inch brim

Women's Lace Hat

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Walker's Hat Shop's handmade women's sun lace hat is made in a small shop in California by the same family since 1962. It's unique curvature allows for great vision while still having a large brim for superior sun protection. Our all Cotton/Polyester material is comfortable and durable. It is machine washable for easy care, can be crushed and folded for travel and is 50+ UPF for 98% UV Block. The velcro clasp in the back allows for full adjustment to fit all head sizes and under windy conditions. The women's hat comes standard with our luxurious terry cloth band.

The attractive lace crown comes in two styles; vented or color panel. Vented allows for more air flow through the crown. The colored panel adds a pop of color on the sides of the hat that matches the underside color of the brim. Lace is only available in white.


Brim Size

Brim size is measured from band edge to brim tip at the front center of the visor

  • 2 3/4 inch - Our smallest brim size. It provides slightly less coverage of the ear, but still provides good coverage of the face, cheeks and nose.
  • 3 inch - Shortens the brim of the hat from our most popular 4 inch size while still providing coverage around the ears. Good for those who find the 4 inch a little too large, but don't want to give up full ear coverage with the 2 3/4 inch brim.
  • 4 inch - Our most popular brim size. It is a good compromise between full coverage of the face, cheeks, ears and nose with full visibility.
  • 5 inch - Largest brim size, providing complete coverage of the face, cheeks, ears and nose. The 5 inch was added to our product line after repeated requests by customers who loved our 4 inch brim, but wanted additional coverage.

Brim Sizes


Your visor can be customized with a variety of colors on top and bottom, perfect for your team, corporation, etc. We recommend a light color on top to reflect the sun and a dark color on the underside to absorb light for better visibility. Colors can be mixed to match your favorite sports team, apparel or personal preference.

Color Card

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